Deliverance at Spiritual Warfare Conferance

I learned much about deliverance at the Spiritual Warfare conference that was held at Free Life Church. Previously, I had been delivered from narcolepsy during a healing event, so I had a degree of faith in deliverance. However, I did not know that I needed deliverance from things in my childhood and in my family. At […]

Healed from Cancer

My name is Katalina Chetty

I was once a very active person who loved life to its fullest.  I enjoyed reaching out to people in need and engaged in a lot of community projects through ballroom dancing shows with my team of dancers on a voluntary basis.

I had an active and very […]

At my wit’s end

ONE holy spirit spoke ONE narrative through 4 men who knew nothing of my situation, at 4 different times, over the course of 2 days. Simply amazing. Words cannot do it justice.

More free than I have ever been

The night before Clive texted me and informed me that Ken would be teaching on deliverance, from that moment I knew that God would be dealing with me the next morning, but I had no idea to what extent.

As I drove to church I go off the freeway into the short north and just began […]

My Identity as His Daughter

I could write a novel on all that God did this week in me. But how I will best describe it is God answered my prayer to see more of His Father’s heart and how to live in my identity as His daughter, free from striving for His love.

The week leading up to Ken and […]

Carpel Tunnel Healed

Last week, (August 1, 2021) while Ken and Josh were speaking, (sharing something of what happened on a trip to Ohio) I went up for healing for carpal tunnel.  While being prayed for,  I felt my joints popping and warmth throughout my hand!  I could feel the pain leaving my hand and arm.  I […]

The Wondrous and Loving Power of God

Testimony from Gareth

Dear Ken

We’ve never met – not face to face at least.  But I was lucky enough to recently be drawn to the” restoring the well” website and there I read an article written by your good self, entitled “Love and Freedom”.

It reminded me of a time much earlier in my life where I […]