The night before Clive texted me and informed me that Ken would be teaching on deliverance, from that moment I knew that God would be dealing with me the next morning, but I had no idea to what extent.

As I drove to church I go off the freeway into the short north and just began to weep because I felt the Presence of the Lord so strongly. I wasn’t worshiping or even in a place of trying to receive at this point. As Ken began to teach I felt the weight of what he was teaching on and the weight of the Presence of the Lord so strongly that I had to hold myself up by keeping my hands on my knees. As well nearly the entire time he taught, I felt like I was about to vomit. While Ken was wrapping things up and going through the list of things that people might need deliverance, I knew that I needed set free from just about everyone. Specifically the ones I felt strongest were: Fear of abandonment, Unforgiveness (towards myself and others), Unholy habits, Ungodly relationships, Past traumas. But I walked out of church on Saturday feeling more free than I have maybe ever!

Then on Sunday Josh approached me and told me he felt like he was supposed to pray for me again. So after the second service, he did and I believe he got the words, “Holy Spirit wants to fill you again…”  out and I felt the power of God flow into me and I don’t remember much after that, but I’m convinced that I’ve never been more in love with Jesus myself and the life that He has given me.