I learned much about deliverance at the Spiritual Warfare conference that was held at Free Life Church. Previously, I had been delivered from narcolepsy during a healing event, so I had a degree of faith in deliverance. However, I did not know that I needed deliverance from things in my childhood and in my family. At the conference, I decided that I no longer wanted to deal with my bipolar issues, that I had full faith God could uproot this disorder from my life, a disorder I have had my entire life and one that also runs in my family. I had an odd confidence, a readiness to be rid of it, an almost angry feeling for it to not affect me anymore. Two wonderful women met me upfront and prayed with me, some of which was for unity within myself. During this, someone had come to the left of me and stood behind me, placing a hand so lightly on my back, and they said “mm-hmm.” When I turned to peek at who it was, no one was there, and not anywhere behind me. I believe an angel had come to minister with these two women, and I cried. I have continued to be delivered from bipolar since. Not only was I delivered from a mental disorder, but I prayed for an entire evening to God that day, asking for deliverance from all sorts of things, two of which were unusually physically hard for me to do. I surrendered everything to Him. For an entire 24 hours after that evening, I had a peace within me, a calm where nothing could make me upset, even throughout my workday. I did not eat a single thing for those 24 hours. I was simply full already. – A