My name is Katalina Chetty

I was once a very active person who loved life to its fullest.  I enjoyed reaching out to people in need and engaged in a lot of community projects through ballroom dancing shows with my team of dancers on a voluntary basis.

I had an active and very demanding job which I loved in marketing and events. 

In 2020 I moved to an apartment in Umhlanga Durban South Africa, which was closer to the offices that I had worked for.

I was enjoying my new apartment and the presence of the Lord in this apartment.  The scripture that kept coming to my mind was, He healed my sickness and removed my disease.  I wondered why this kept coming to my mind but paid no heed to it.

Sadly, though a week later I was retrenched from my job, but still continued to enjoy the anointing of praise and worship to the Lord that was on me.

Two weeks later, I started to bleed profusely and was in a lot of pain.  I went to many physicians who were not able to make the right diagnosis and prescribed over-the-counter medication for me which only made my condition worse.

The bleeding continued and the pain started to get severe.

I was then referred to a surgeon Dr. Naidoo who upon inspection discovered that I had a tumour.

On 17 November 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

I was devastated as I was on my own and had taken care of both my parents since the age of 19 and continued to support my mum when my dad passed on.  My Mum lived with me at the time but has since moved to a retirement home, as I was no longer able to take care of her.

Shortly thereafter I was booked in for surgery of a stoma, I was so scared as I was on my own and didn’t know what to expect.  I was discharged from the hospital with excruciating pain and painkillers two days later.

A week later I was booked in for chemo treatment, radiation, and further surgery from hereon.

Chemo, radiation, needles, pain, surgery, tears, and being laid up in bed became my regular pattern of life thereafter.

I cried so much during this time but hung on to the promise that God had given me, despite my oncologist and my surgeon telling me that it is stage 4 and that there was no hope for me.

I was then invited to a service by a very dear friend of mine who has actually become a dad to me.

He said to me that Ken Grenfell is preaching at Immanuel church and you have got to come to experience falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. Uncle Phillip told me he was also healed from cancer when he was prayed for by Ken some time back.  Uncle Phillip did say to me that I was going to receive a touch from the Lord.  

I was so eager as I had suffered so much and I went with expectancy to this meeting of being delivered from cancer and receiving my healing.

After the service, I assisted uncle Phillip to the front to be prayed for.  I then asked Ken to pray for me.  He said sure and laid his hands on me in prayer.  I started to heave quite profusely as Ken took authority over the spirit of infirmity, sickness, and destruction and commanded it to go.

I felt lighter thereafter, I felt that I had received a touch from God and that Jesus had completely healed me.

In the days to follow, I felt like a completely new person.  I could not stop dancing in praise to the Lord, it was so natural.  I was just rejoicing in the Lord and had so much energy to dance all day and even at night.  It was a glorious season in my life as I experienced the power of God in a totally new dimension.

However, I still had two treatments to finish and decided to still go ahead knowing full well that Jesus had already healed me.   I also told the oncologist that Jesus had healed me and asked for them to bring the scans forward which they could not do until my treatments were over.

 Much to my amazement the treatment didn’t work for me and I came off it.

I was then booked for a scan which was brought forward by 2 months.  My results from the scan showed clear and that there was no trace of cancer.

To God Be the Glory.  Thanks to uncle Phillip for inviting me to this service and thank you to Pastor Ken Grenfell and Michelle for praying for me for my breakthrough and healing after almost 2 and a half years of pain and suffering.

I had most of my colon removed as well as my rectum and painful surgeries all over my stomach.  I am on a stoma bag but have peace now to know that God has healed me and that He has a plan for my life.

My journey with cancer has definitely made me a better person of me and has drawn me so much closer to Jesus.