I would like to share how God healed a physical problem I’ve had since a surgery I had in 2014. I’ve been having trouble swallowing since I had surgery for a removal of a hernia I had some awful testing they found nothing wrong, so I just lived with it.  Fast forward to August 2020 and October 2020, two more hernia surgeries, I told this doctor about the swallowing problems I had for 6 years now. He repeated the same test and found nothing. He said my esophagus was clean no obstructions. So, again,  I just lived with it, I wasn’t putting myself through those awful tests again to come up with the same answer. It bothered my family a lot because the enjoyment of going out to eat or even a family dinner was most always interfered with me getting the food out of my throat.  What would happen is my throat would just stop the food from go to my stomach, and then of course I had to stop eating.

After I met with you, I went home and slept as I was drained physically. When it came to dinner it was always a bummer, because I never knew  what food would would  trigger my swallowing issue.  But that night dread wasn’t there, and I thought immediately about you touching my throat so I could speak. I wondered if God healed that? Lisa had said in the car on the way over that she  always thought the throat issues were something more than a medical problem.  Ken I could feel my throat was open, it’s hard to explain how it feels, but something was different for sure. With apprehension I made what I knew was a  trigger food, pasta.  I intentionally didn’t cut it up small.  I knew if I had episode I could help myself and not choke. Ken, God healed me, I don’t remember what you said when you touched my throat, but Jesus freed me Ken, I can swallow! I tried everything that would trigger it, nothing. Then I stopped and accepted his gift to me. I am his child.