God spoke in many ways, some things were quite personal. But one thing that I want to mention here, was seeing Jesus in Kens eyes, I totally forgot about Ken. Then I was hugged, and it didn’t make me think I’m hugging Ken at all, I was hugged and loved by the Father. Tears roll down my eyes as I’m writing this. His love made everything alive again, restored my hope and faith. I grew up without getting daddy hugs as my dad was absent, and that little moment made me feel like that lack of a fathers love never happened and never affected me. It reversed the damage in my soul.

Also, another reverse effect was that I had to deal with anger in my life (again something I received when growing up) and felt hopeless and condemned, because I tried so so so hard not to have those outbursts but always failed.

Jesus broke that in my life and I believe I was delivered from it. Now I need to practically deal with that temptation when it tries to arise, but I will have the ability and power to overcome. I was bound – but now I’m free! I’m not a slave to it any longer – praise God! And last but not least, Jesus showed me that I’m not guilty of it. I felt so condemned and guilty – but Jesus took it upon himself and nailed it to the cross. I’m now empowered and guilt free. Funny thing is, In my mind I always knew all this …. but His power and presence made this freedom a tangible reality. Hallelujah Praise Jesus