What a great weekend with this guy at @revchurchvancouver!! I first met Ken Grenfell 10yrs ago when I was a young mom. I was insecure at that time in my motherhood. I felt intimidated by the other moms around me. Professional women with university degrees, they seemed so accomplished and shiny to me. “My name is Dana, I’m just a mom.” That was how I introduced myself to Ken. He went after that like a bulldog challenging me and encouraging me. My baby didn’t care if I had a plaque on the wall or owned a house or any of that stuff. God had blessed me with a child and being a mother is a high calling. That has always stayed with me. What an incredible time we have had during this Freedom Weekend. God is on the move and we are hungry for Him. He is setting free and taking us further on in the life of Christ. I’m SOoooo thankful for the body of Christ and the office of the apostle.