I could write a novel on all that God did this week in me. But how I will best describe it is God answered my prayer to see more of His Father’s heart and how to live in my identity as His daughter, free from striving for His love.

The week leading up to Ken and Josh being here, I felt so blocked. I prayed for forgiveness for earthy father and for freedom from performing and striving for His love that felt it stemmed out of the last words my dad spoke to me of “when you’re ready to be a good daughter, call me.”

That first night Ken called Pete and I up and he prayed and released a heaviness off of me and prayed a removal of the poisonous words spoken over me. I knew it was a removal from the words my dad spoke. I knew I was delivered from those words I legitimately felt something extract from my body. Then I was light, full of joy, and knew what freedom felt like. My prayers were answered. I had never felt more seen and loved by Father than in that moment.