When I went forward for prayer I was not even sure what I wanted or needed; just that I felt like I had to go. But I thought I will just go and see what God has for me. …And it was like he reached right into the deepest part of my heart/soul; He spoke words that I did not even realize I needed. He spoke a release from a weight of guilt for something that was beyond my control, beyond my power to protect. Guilt that was having an effect on my family and my marriage. Because I blamed myself; I thought surely my husband must blame me also. I know now this has caused me to lash out in anger where there was no condemnation. Ken asked my husband if it was alright to hug me. . It stopped being Ken hugging me…it was God himself. And as he held me the guilt was gone and I felt such complete and total love. Since then it is like I am seeing things with new eyes; clearer with a fresh perspective. And I look in the mirror and see a daughter of the most high God.