by Wendy Willoughby
Ohio, USA

How incredible it is that God so knows the desires of our hearts and ministers to us so tenderly.

What a joy it was to have Ken and Michelle visit us at our young church in Columbus OH and how God ministered to so many of us through them – especially their encouragement and ministry to us grandparents!!

It was a special precious time.

On Saturday evening as Ken began praying for groups of people I sensed the Holy Spirit was touching me.  When Ken prayed for me it felt like someone had knocked the back of my knees, hard, and I couldn’t  stand.

There was such a lovely presence of the Holy Spirit and during this time I had a picture of a group of healthy looking trees of various shapes and sizes with netting around them –  like the netting that is put around Christmas trees to enable one to transport them easily.  I believe that the Holy Spirit was removing the ‘netting’ and bringing freedom to areas of my life where restriction had crept in.  I had been praying about these areas and am so thankful for the Holy Spirit to come in power and break that yoke.