“In every action, we take we are doing one of two things: we are either…contributing to the broken condition of the world or participating with God in transforming the world to reflect His righteousness. We are either advancing the rule of Satan or establishing the reign of God” (from How Now Shall We Live by Charles Colson).

Our choices are shaped by what we believe is real and true, right and wrong, good and beautiful. The sum of our beliefs about the Word creates the big picture directing our daily decisions and actions. It is important to discover what is true and live in step with that truth. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life. “ Not I have the truth or I’ll tell you the truth, but “I am the truth.” Nothing has meaning apart from Him and nothing exists apart from Him. Christianity cannot be limited to only one component of our lives.

God cares about redeeming souls and restoring His creation. He calls us to be agents, not only of His saving grace, but also of His common grace. Our job is not only to build up the church but also to build a society to the glory of God. Common grace is carrying out God’s work of maintaining creation by promoting righteousness and restraining evil. To do this we must translate God’s revelation into the language of the world. Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about what she understood. 

Throughout our lives there are opportunities to be Jesus’ hands, feet, and heart to people who believe there is no hope. It is easy to see how people come to that conclusion. Abandonment, abuse, neglect, poor choices, lack of education, language barriers, and other circumstances of life have defined them. They look in the mirror and don’t see possibilities, just disappointment. Then someone crosses their path with the truth of who God intended them to be, bringing a ray of light into darkness. An individual will ask questions and realize the Lover of her soul is there for her and will never leave or forsake her. Tears spill and there is much rejoicing in the heavenlies. The immediate situation has not changed, but life is now different.

Reaching out to those in your community with practical help brings God’s grace into the lives of those around you. As that grace spreads, communities change. We might not see transformation immediately or in broad sweeps, but when you translate Truth into the language and context of those around you, you will see evidence of one more step towards the establishment of God’s righteousness and reign. 

“Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up and make your lives significant].” (James 4:10, Amplified Bible).

By Debbie Fulmer