At my wit’s end

ONE holy spirit spoke ONE narrative through 4 men who knew nothing of my situation, at 4 different times, over the course of 2 days. Simply amazing. Words cannot do it justice.

Healing of the Heart and Body

by Anonymous
Chicago, USA

On January 18th, 2016, I woke up with my limbs alternating in numbness and pain. This is not unusual. For the past 18 months it’s been a challenge that dogged me daily. Always varying in intensity, duration and location it was difficult to diagnose, apparently impossible to […]

Healing at Work

by Mindy Myers
Ohio, USA

I felt very encouraged and my faith had increased from our time with Michelle and Ken Grenfell.

The following week a co-worker came to me saying she had knee pain and couldn’t extend her leg.

I asked her to sit and at the same time I heard Gods voice to pray for her knee […]

Removing Restrictions

by Wendy Willoughby
Ohio, USA

How incredible it is that God so knows the desires of our hearts and ministers to us so tenderly.

What a joy it was to have Ken and Michelle visit us at our young church in Columbus OH and how God ministered to so many of us through them – especially their encouragement and […]

A Testimony of Healing

by Talley Hess
Virginia, USA

I awoke one morning and could not get out of bed. My lower back was in excruciating pain and I could barely move! Slowly I was able to roll myself out of the bed to the floor, but I could not stand up. I had to crawl to the wall and cautiously […]

Set Free in Every Way

by Val
Chicago, USA

Shortly after I lost my job in January 2010, I knew I was entering a season of healing and breakthrough.  My first task was to stand on God’s promises and to practice diligently what He’d been teaching me over the past several years – […]

A Day of Freedom

by Erin
Chicago, USA

THE ENTIRE WEEKEND of our fall retreat flowed perfectly.  What we were learning and the way the Holy Spirit was personalizing key components and fitting them into what I already understood as well as into place was amazing.  On Saturday, during worship, I felt the Holy Spirit surround me in a way I hadn’t really […]

A Spirit of Expectancy

by Karen Hale
Alabama, USA

I wanted to give you all some testimonies about pregnancies from Ken’s visit to our church. First, there was a couple visiting our church, Kyle and Elizabeth, who are good friends with Andrew and Jaime, our elders. She is very new to things of the Spirit. I think she was the first lady that Ken […]